How to Sell When the Heat is On

Selling your home in the summer

Whether you are a homeowner or real estate investor, the fact is summer is one of the hardest times to sell a home. The market contains all of those homes that did not sell during the spring buying season in addition to the plethora of properties families want to sell before school starts in the fall. This flooded market can be quite an obstacle when selling your home. The good news is selling is the summer can be simple with these ideas.

Put it Out There

This sounds simple enough, but often homes do not sell because the right people do not know they exist. Eye catching signs with brochures should be placed in the yard near the sidewalk. When interested people pass by, they can get information on your home for sale without interrupting you. Brokers and real estate agents can provide this for you as part of their services, in addition to listing your property on their website and the MLS. In addition, flyers about your open houses should be placed in public places and passed out early enough for those interested in attending to make changes to their plans. The more visibility your home has, the greater the chance you will sell your home.

Set the Stage

When buyers come to see your home, make it a summer standout by staging it for summertime guests. After a deep, professional cleaning, adjust furniture, draperies, and lighting to give a sense of openness and energy. Drop the temperature on the thermostat so your home feels like a cozy retreat from the sun’s heat. Make sure to define each room with minimal furnishings so your visitors will be able to see the room’s potential. This includes setting the table in the dining room and decorating the back patio or pool side for an evening with friends. Make a fresh batch of cookies to make the house smell inviting and a pitcher of lemonade to quench your guests’ thirst. Like a theatre, your home is the stage you help buyers see their life story played out in.

Listen to Feedback

Every home seller and investor wishes the first person to see their property would buy it. Unfortunately, it may take several showings and hundred of visitors before the right buyer comes through your door. The best thing TV shows like Income Property and Love It or List It do is provide feedback from outside sources for the property owners to consider in their next decisions. Provide a place or method for your guests to leave comments about their visit. These outsiders may see areas or items that need addressing that could be potential deal breakers for other buyers. Nobody likes to be told their home is terrible, but constructive comments can help change a no-sell into a real contender.

The tips for successfully selling your home are the same throughout the year. It’s just how to emphasize the current season that changes. For more information on selling your home in the summer or any other time of the year, contact us at

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