How to Get Your Employees Involved in Marketing, Regardless of Their Position

As the saying goes, “marketing is a commitment, not a campaign.” Because marketing is such an integral part of any business, big or small, it is important that a company’s marketing strategy is not only multi-layered, but integrated across many levels. Getting employees involved in your company’s marketing strategy is an excellent way to ensure maximum outreach and positive impact. How do you get employees outside of the Marketing Department to care about marketing? As it turns out, it’s not as difficult it sounds.

Tell employees about your marketing efforts. This tip is astonishingly simple, but you’d be surprised at how few companies actually actively inform their employees of the company’s marketing strategy. Make it clear to employees that marketing is the company’s game, and they are the players. Inform your employees what content marketing is, what your marketing strategy is, why you’re doing it, and ask for their opinions.

Ask them for advice. Invite input from employees. Make it clear that you value their ideas and comments and that they will seriously be reviewed. If you end up implementing any ideas, be sure to credit the employee. This will get your employees interested in your marketing initiatives.

Create story prompts. Every so often, email or ask your employees an unusual question asking them about their work experience or interactions with a customer. For example, “What happened the last time a customer complimented you?” Answers from employees can provide interesting vignettes that perform well on social media platforms. Clients and customers often appreciate a “behind the scenes” look at businesses.

Find out what they read and whom they follow. Ask employees whom they follow on social media platforms and what business-related publications they read. Their answers can be a good source for content or influencer connections your marketing team might have missed.

Feature them online. Your employees have great tidbits. Host a live interview with one of them on Twitter or Facebook, or give them the opportunity to star in a video. Encourage them to share the interview or video with their friends and family online. This not only generates great content, but encourages employees to share it within their own circles!

Make sure employees know about your social media channels. Put signs up around the office with links to your company’s Facebook, Twitter, and other pages. Recommend that your employees follow your company’s pages.

Make employees proud to work for you. Make your company an ideal place to work. Offer attractive benefits, company bonding activities, and miscellaneous perks such as company retreats, free snacks, office lunches, and similar things. Be sure to check in personally with your employees every once in a while. Get them really invested in the company. If they enjoy working for you and are proud of their position at your company, they will be more inclined to share and brag about it.

Try the above tricks and watch employee interest in your company’s marketing strategy grow! This natural process does take some time, so allow a few months for interest to grow and results to be seen.

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