Everything You Need to Know About Home Staging

After years or even months of living in your home, it’s only natural for it to not be in tip-top shape – an inexplicable odor or two, furniture in disarray, clutter that never seems to go away.

While this is expected for most and inevitable for some, when you’re looking to sell your home, what matters now is breathing new life into it. Remember, selling your home is just like selling any other product. It has to look and feel at its best. With homebuyers becoming as informed as they are critical, you can no longer to afford to go DIY. That’s why there’s professional home staging.

What Is Home Staging?

Every home is beautiful in its own way. It’s just that this appeal is either very likely to fade or needs some expert help to shine through. The objective of staging is not to make your home deceptively beautiful but to highlight and further flatter its best features. It’s making the space look good but not too good that prospective buyers can no longer mentally picture themselves into your space.

How Much Does Staging Cost?

Too many factors go into the cost of home staging that it’s impossible to put a single price tag on the service. You have to look at the location of your home, how much of your home you want staged, how vacant or how occupied your space looks, whether you’ll be availing of the different services that stagers offer, and way more. Another thing to note is how your stager prefers to be charged – whether by the hours of service rendered or by a fixed project fee established beforehand.

Why Go for Home Staging?

No matter how much staging will cost you, there are a lot of convincing reasons to get your home staged, but it usually boils down two main reasons.

First, because it’s how your home stands out. Many other homes out there, including the ones that are also for sale in your area, are being staged. If you want to be able to price your home competitively or even sell faster than other homes, staging plays a big role in making that happen.

Second, staging has been proven to help your sale close faster and at a higher price. According to the report, Consumers Guide to Real Estate Staging, home listings that initially don’t go through staging stay in the market for an average of 143 days and only sit for another 40 days once staged. Homes that were staged from the get-go take only around 23 days to get sold.

Home staging is just one of those things that seem like you can accomplish by winging it. This is far from the truth, with professional staging being a much deeper and more thoughtful process than one would expect and posing a greater good for a seller than your money’s worth. If you don’t have time for these tricks, however, you can still sell your home to an investor like Blue Hen Homebuyers. As a home investor, we buy all kinds of homes, regardless of their age or condition. Call our offices today at 910-802-2222 to learn more about how we can help you.

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