5 Tips for Choosing a Great Real Estate Agent

If you are thinking of buying or selling real estate, it’s imperative that you are using the right real estate agent for your needs. After all, having the right professional at your side can mean the difference between closing the deal in two months or two years. Before you select your next real estate agent, here are five key things you’ll want to discuss.

Type of Real Estate

The phrase “real estate” encompasses a wide range of property types, including commercial properties, residential homes, and vacant undeveloped land. Although some real estate agents dabble in a little of everything, many successful agents specialize in specific types of properties. These agents have taken great care to learn the laws and particularities involved in their specialty area. Over the years, they have developed a rapport with many in their field, and they know people who are interested in buying, selling, or investing in their area of expertise.

Area of Town

Rural farmland in Oklahoma is hundreds of miles from the nearest city. When you are looking for an agent, ask what geographic areas they are most knowledgeable about. If they want your business, they’ll be glad to work just about any place. Most agents, however, have a home base that they prefer to work in. Just like property specialization, a real estate agent who truly knows a specific area of town is more likely to know the in’s and out’s of the community, as well as who may be interested in selling or buying (and who isn’t actively advertising). This bit of knowledge can be a big boon in your favor.

Ask for Credentials

More than likely, you verify the licenses of the plumbers and electricians who work in your home. Why wouldn’t you do the same thing with your real estate agent?

It’s true that anyone can buy or sell property, as is evidenced by for sale by owner signs. But real estate agents must go through training and pass exams by licensing boards and whatever real estate company they belong to. A licensed professional real estate agent has experience negotiating contracts, lining up inspections, and navigating the legalities of real estate. When you are making a major purchase or sale, this is experience you want in your corner.

Ask for References

You wouldn’t leave your children with just anyone, and you shouldn’t leave your next home purchase or sale to a stranger either. Any experienced agent will have a list of clients who are willing to talk to you about their purchase or sale. By hearing the testimony of others and asking them about the agent’s customer service skills, you may feel more comfortable letting this new person represent you.

What’s Their Availability?

We all have busy lives and complicated schedules, but when you are looking to buy or sell a property, you want to do it as fast as possible. The real estate agent you select should be someone who will actually have the time to work for you. If an agent is at max capacity working with other clients, it means there may not be enough hours in the day to properly dedicate to your needs.   An agent that is able to concentrate on your purchase or sale will have greater chances of closing your deal quickly.

Whether you are buying or selling your home, the perfect real estate agent can make all the difference. For tips like these on real estate agents or on buying a home, look us up at bluehenhomebuyers.com.

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