5 Foolproof Marketing Tricks for the First-Time Home Seller

Putting your house or apartment up for sale without the services of a real estate agent takes more than just listing it on the multiple listing service (MLS). Depending on your city or neighborhood, you might be in a market saturated with competitively priced homes, with some having better features or found in better locations.

This is where good marketing for your home comes in, which can help sell your property at higher prices in a seller’s market and gain attention in a buyer’s market. Here are a few simple tricks to help you market your home and make it more attractive to buyers.

1. Photograph the Front of the House

Showing off your home’s curb appeal is an essential but often overlooked real estate marketing trick. Listing a house without any exterior photos or only uploading interior shots often results in people ignoring it. Instead, go out of your way to take beautiful photos of your home’s front exterior. Crop out streets and sidewalks. Remove any vehicles from the driveway. Take angled and close up photos of the house and avoid shade. Avoid angles that cause trees or bushes to block the front door.

2. Add Other Exterior Photographs

If the property is in a complex or building, add photos of the pool, tennis or basketball court, gym, clubhouse, and other amenities that future owners can enjoy. Shoot long and emphasize space. This is done by shooting at the right angle, or, if you have access to one, using a wide lens.

3. Take Good Photos of All the Rooms

Take a few photos from different angles of every room in the property, even if you think some shots won’t lead to anything interesting. Keep the windows clear by opening the blinds and drapes. Try to highlight interesting details such as fireplace mantle or the condition of the wooden floors.

Always take out trash from the scene and close toilet lids when taking photos of the bathroom. Floral arrangements are a perfect detail for dining rooms and kitchens. When shooting mirrors, make sure you angle it in a way that hides your reflection.

4. Create a Virtual Tour

Whether it’s a short video of a walkthrough in and around the property or a 360-degree image on Facebook, providing a virtual tour of the property is a great way to attract more buyers. Customize the tour by adding music, sound, or a voiceover. Technology has made it easier than ever to create photos and videos showing buyers the property, so you don’t really need to have a professional make these virtual tours for you.

5.Organize an Open House

Open houses are a tried and proven way to generate interest among buyers, who get to come over and see the property themselves. If your home is easily accessible and has enough room for parking, schedule a day where potential buyers and interested brokers can drop by to visit. It’s also a good networking strategy. After all, a visitor who won’t buy the property may know someone who’d be interested.

Announce your open house online, get a couple of snacks ready, and welcome interested buyers. Don’t forget to let your neighbors know!

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