4 Tips for Making Your Home Appealing to Millennial Homebuyers

Millennials are quickly becoming the largest group of homebuyers, already currently comprising a third of current homebuyers in 2019. If you’re selling your home, 33% of your prospective buyers are going to be millennials – more than enough reason to consider them as you make decisions surrounding your sale.

Millennials, however, are a unique generation with their own set of buyer sensibilities and behaviors that you will have to learn. Here are some tips to selling your home to millennials effectively.

1. Go Digital

Much of a millennial’s life is lived on a screen, so everything involving your sale must be available and accessible digitally. This spans all levels of your sale, from putting your listing up on various platforms online, being ready with e-signature technologies, and generally being up-to-date with trending apps and technologies relevant to selling your home. Not all real estate agents are adept with current technology, so make sure to look for one who is.

2. Go Eco-friendly

Millennials are characteristically conscious of their footprint on the environment. However, unless your home was built in the last 20 years, chances are it wasn’t made with sustainability in mind.

This doesn’t spell doom for your listing just yet, as you could always opt to put in some eco-friendly features like solar panels, energy-efficient temperature control, and furniture made of sustainable materials. It’s also a great idea to find out if your utility provider has already turned to renewable sources of energy and use this as a selling point to your young prospective homebuyers.

3. Be Honest

Having grown completely in the age of fast, accessible, and complete information, millennial homebuyers are far from gullible. They will ask questions – tough ones – that you’ll have to answer truthfully and they will verify through whatever means necessary. As such, try to learn as much as you can about your home and your neighborhood. This will not only prepare you for whatever millennials might throw your way but would also allow you to work on what needs to be fixed before they even become a point of consideration when you’re making your sale.

4. Prepare Your Home for Immediate Move-in            

Millennials are moving in and out of homes at a rate surpassing the generations before them. They don’t have the time to make major renovations or overhauls of their own. So, in order to catch these creatures moving at the speed of internet and development, your home has to look ready for quickest move-in.

This entails hiring a professional home stager, making sure that your home is ready for immediate set-up of internet connection and that it looks conducive for their sociable and integrated lifestyles. Understandably, millennials are not your only potential buyers, so balancing their interests with that of other buyer segments will be a challenge that you have to be ready for.

Underscoring all these tips is the need to give your buyers, in this case – millennials, what they want. It’s not that big a challenge. Just understand that millennials are driven, career-oriented, and conscious individuals, and all that’s left is to make the necessary adjustments. If you don’t have time for these tricks, however, you can still sell your home to an investor like Blue Hen Homebuyers. As a home investor, we buy all kinds of homes, regardless of their age or condition. Call our offices today at 910-802-2222 to learn more about how we can help you.

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