4 Reasons to Consider Selling Your Home in January

Historically, spring has always been viewed as the best time to sell a house. But this time of the year also sees a spike in competition for buyers, which can make it harder to sell your home at the price you want. This explains why some savvy homeowners are marketing their homes as early as January to get a leg up over other home sellers.

Sure, the end of the holiday festivities and cold weather may not seem like the best time to put your home on the market. First, some buyers may have overspent over the holidays. Second, dark days and freezing temperatures don’t exactly say, “Time to buy a house!”

But the start of a new year also means people are looking for a clean slate to make their next big move, and that can mean moving into a new home. With that being said, below are a few reasons to list your home in January.

1. It’s a Chance to Show that Your Home is Ready for Winter

Selling the home during winter offers the perfect opportunity to show people that it’s ready to handle harsh weather. Things like a south-facing driveway for faster melting of snow, a roof that allows snow to fall off quickly, and a short driveway for faster plowing and shoveling all count as pluses in your favor. And for many buyers, it’s better to show off these features while they’re in action. In addition, things like hot tubs and fireplaces will make your home even more attractive to buyers.

2. Winter Brings Out Serious Buyers

During the spring and summer months, many buyers aren’t looking to move in right away. It’s not uncommon for people to contemplate moving into a new neighborhood and see what homes are on the market.

During winter, however, window shoppers tend to be scarce, what with the inclement weather and holiday expenses and all.

So, people who want to brave the cold to look at houses are more likely to make a purchase. Plus, there’s a good chance they know that competition for property is higher during the warmer months of the year, which is why they want to have a good head start.

3. People Have Disposable Income

Yes, many people will allocate their income in December to gifts and other holiday expenses. But some people will also be flush with cash from end-of-year financial bonuses or retirement payments, both of which could mean opportunities to upgrade their living situations or enter the housing market for the first time.

Either way, these people may be willing to buy your home right away.

4. January is Relocation Season

January is also a time when many employees begin new jobs. And for some workers, this can mean being relocated to a new position and site, which, in turn, means having to look for a home ASAP. These people either don’t have the luxury to wait until spring or may not be willing to rent until the weather improves.

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