4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home in the Winter

Although you will often hear that there’s a specific time of the year to sell a home, the truth is that the best time to sell property ultimately depends on your local market’s conditions. So, despite what people tell you about selling your home in the middle of winter, closing a sale is far from impossible. 

To increase your chances, be sure to avoid some key mistakes when selling your home during this time of the year. 

1. Waiting to List

An offseason isn’t a dry spell, and people planning to move will look at listings no matter the time of year. Sure, it’s no peak season like spring, but you only need one buyer to close a sale. Some real estate agents have also pointed out how February tends to be a great time to sell a property. 

Besides, selling during the winter comes with its advantages. This includes having less competition with other listings in your area, leveraging December’s buyers’ craze toward your sale, and generally having more time on your hands to put your listing out there and deal with the sale.

2. Not Expecting Interest on Special Days

You might hold certain days untouchable and devoted entirely to rest or spending time with your family, but you can’t expect the same of prospective buyers. Home sellers from all over have stories to share about dealing with buyers on Christmas Eve or Thanksgiving.

Some people just don’t have time to set aside for looking around at properties and listings, but that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your holidays for them. You could either be gracious and prepared enough to entertain showings during these dates or stern on your unavailability if the holidays are that significant to you. 

3. Lacking Home Preparation

Preparing your property for visits from buyers is a round-the-calendar struggle, and you have to be acutely aware of the unique needs and demands that come with every season. Just as you wouldn’t want prospective buyers to face a lawn untidily strewn with fallen leaves in the fall, winter has its own unsightly and even hazardous downers.

For one, if your property is in a state where it snows, shoveling a clear path to your front door and properly salting the way are musts. Slipping is never a pleasant experience, and you can bet that it will be taken against your property when it comes down to it. You’ll also want your interiors comfortably warm and, of course, visually appealing.

4. Pricing Too High

This is a fatal mistake that bears repeating as it continues to be a problem and remains one of the biggest arguments for getting a proper agent to sell your property for you. Chances are your home is worth less than you expect it to, and selling it at too high a price is going to seriously stunt your sale.

Every week, your chances of selling your property at its original, full asking price drop. Likewise, every week your listing is up is another week that its buyer activity dwindles. This is something that you can deal with at the get-go, basing your asking price on the sale prices of similar properties in your area as opposed to their asking prices. Or, better yet, get a much more experienced licensed agent to deal with setting a price on your home along with the other nitty-gritty, as opposed to taking care of everything DIY.

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